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KidBot at Caine’s Cardboard Challenge Oct 6; Solar race still to come

Due to the rainy weekend and the high chance of not having any solar with which to race our solar car entries the KidBot team did not go to the Renewable Energy Roundup after all. BUT we have word from the race organizer that there will indeed be a race at ACC in Austin sometime [...]

KidBot goes to Fredericksburg this week!

Instead of our regular weekly meeting at ATX Dev Center, we’ll be going to the Renewable Energy Roundup in Fredericksburg on Sept 29th (Saturday) for a fun day of learning about renewables, green building, organic gardening, and more, and of course to race the solar cars the kids have built.

The race itself is at [...]

Thanks for the donations!

This past weekend we got some great equipment donations in:

A functioning laptop with XP installed from Sheetal at Social Dynamx, which now has BASCOM and Processing installed (thanks to Jerry and Robert). A functioning oscilloscope from Phu at Social Dynamx. A bunch of microprocessors (including the much coveted Beagle Board), various cable converters, a [...]

Solar RC Race Car

Our first group build project: To build a solar powered racer (or two, or three, depending upon time and materials) to race at the Roundup in Fredericksburg on September 29th! A group has started working on the racer already – many of the materials used will likely be pieces and parts pulled from old printers [...]