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Kidbot gets a discussion list!

Austin Kidbot now has an email discussion list! Those of you who are interested in KidBotian stuff, please Sign Up Here! Open to all kids and adults, in Austin and wherever, who want to talk about robots, electronics, and other such stuff.

Archives of the discussions will be available here. (it’s brand new, so nothing [...]

Printer salvage

Printer salvage can be used for more than the joy of taking the printer apart. For example, you can get capacitors, resistors, voltage regulators, transistors, inductors, gear mechanisms, laser tubes, lenses, various rollers, wires, springs, hardware, microswitches, relays, motors and more!!! With all those parts, you can probably build a cool looking robot with about [...]

Non-meeting: TechShop Open House

No KidBot meeting on Oct 20th.

We’re checking out TechShop as a possible new location for KidBot meetings. You may want to check it out yourself at their open house.

Even if we don’t end up having KidBot meetings there, it seems like a pretty cool place.

If you go, let us know what you [...]

KidBot at Caine’s Cardboard Challenge Oct 6; Solar race still to come

Due to the rainy weekend and the high chance of not having any solar with which to race our solar car entries the KidBot team did not go to the Renewable Energy Roundup after all. BUT we have word from the race organizer that there will indeed be a race at ACC in Austin sometime [...]