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Donate (broken) Stuff!

Unlike most groups who ask for equipment from you, we don’t even require that it be working!  In fact, we’re quite happy if it’s NOT working, as that way we don’t feel the least bit worried about stripping it down into its component parts – a process these kids seem to attack with glee!

We especially like dead printers (lots of good gears and motors in those!), non-working CD drives, hard drives, and floppy drives (motors!  lasers!  magnets!), even some kitchen appliances (just think of the motors and gears that might be in a blender or can opener!)  We even have a special request for an office copier!

We’ll take working equipment as well.  In fact we could use a working laptop and other old working computers to help with programming.

Or if you have a pile of LEDs, Atmel chips, old Roombas, DVD players, or whatever, it might be of interest to us. (No CRT monitors, please!)

Over the summer the kids have reduced a 4 1/2  ft high pallet of old equipment (and then some) into a bunch of components that they’ll likely be putting to use in the near future.  But we’ll be happy to take more, as there seem to be new kids coming all the time who have never been given permission to just rip into a piece of equipment to see how it works.

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